F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Of Eva-Marie Middleton's selections, I particularly liked her account of Gustav Holst's Four Songs ... there was a commendable depth of feeling..."


-Neville Cohen, The West Australian, 2017

"Middleton's dark, rich voice captures the dramatic range of the work, navigating the long winding phrases with steady breath control and enthralling emotional intensity..."

-Rosalind Appleby, 2017

"Middleton as Composer is a wonderful singer, and her highs of loving her music to her lows of being forced to change her work to accommodate the clowns are beautifully played out. She was one of the strongest parts of the first Act."

Susie Conte, Perth Arts Live, 2016

"Eva-Marie Middleton is a natural drama queen as the Composer, her voice sweet and strong."

Rosalind Appleby, 2016

”Eva-Marie Middleton’s flexible mezzo soprano was warm as the weary Mother and shrill as the cackling Witch. Her prowling presence dominated Act III … “


– Rosalind Appleby, The West Australian, 2014